Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day three- Cozumel

By Saturday, April 17th, we had arrived at the (partly cloudy) island of Cozumel. I couldn't wait to touch solid ground again!! We had considered going to Chankanaab National Park, which included an area for snorkeling and we thought, a sand beach. We went to the area where the taxi drivers waited, but one of them tried to give us a sales pitch about how Chankanaab was no good because it didn't have a sand beach, yadda yadda yadda. He sounded like a car dealer. So we walked away from him.

Eventually, we ended up going to Playa Mia, a beach. We took a short cab ride. We relaxed on the beach. I got two tiny braids in my hair. Then ended up taking a paddle boat, and then later a kayak, out deep into the water. The water and beach itself was a lot different from the Bahamas. In the Bahamas, the water itself was turquoise blue and there were no sea shells. Cozumel, however, had greener water (but still very clear) and had shells. We enjoyed a Mexican beer on the beach and even went snorkeling and took lots of underwater photos.

At around noon, we went back to the ship and changed clothes. Time to do some shopping and eat. We hit the shopping district and I bought lots of cool trinkets, a carton of cigs for 50% off for Dav, and myself a bottle of tequila. I bought a black cotton halter dress for myself, and a hand painted vase with chili peppers on it. I also bought some papier mache fruit (Dav has always wanted a papier mache pear). After we finished shopping, we stopped at a little touristy restaurant called Three Amigos. We had another beer and split some nachos. I even had a Coke to see if it tasted any different, because I was told that cane sugar is used in sodas from other countries, instead of corn syrup. It tasted pretty good, but I'm not sure if it tasted different, because I haven't had a real Coke in so long. Mom had a "Coca-Cola Light."

By the end of the day in Cozumel, I was exhausted. Luckily, I didn't get as sunburned as I'd expected. At around 4:30 we went back to the ship. We showered and got ready for dinner that evening. This time, I think I had roasted pork loin and tira misu for dessert (yum).

We also went to a comedy show that evening. The comic's name was Kenny Miller, and it was an all ages show. He made me chuckle a few times, but he wasn't the greatest. He was doing an 18+ show the following night, so I decided that he would probably be funnier then.

That evening, there was a lido deck party. I participated in a conga line! (Lame, I know.) The Music Highlights played again. There was a mexican food buffet, but I couldn't fathom eating again!!!

My mouth was sore from recent dental work (the pain has come and gone), and in addition to that, my throat hurt. Too much singing? I popped a pain pill and called it a night, a little earlier than before.

I had been concerned that it would rain while we were in Mexico, but it didn't It was mostly sunny when we arrived, and gradually got cloudier. By the time we stepped back on the ship, it was just starting to rain. It rained a bit as we went back to sea, but not for very long.

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