Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So my brother in law has been living with us for almost two months. He is recently divorced and was going through some financial problems. I didn't mind having him stay for a while, but it was my understanding that it was temporary. Days turned into weeks.

Before I seem coldhearted, let me preface this by stating that we live in a one bedroom apartment that is, oh about 600 square feet or so. And he has been sleeping on our futon in the living room. I really didn't mind for a while, but lately he has been being really slobby, leaving empty food and drink containers just lying about. I'm tired of picking up after him.

Also, we put the cats up in our tiny bathroom at night so they won't bother him. We never expected him to pay rent or anything, but we've asked him a few times to help us out and he never seems to have money, even though he works full time and doesn't have to pay rent.

We've been talking for a while about getting a two bedroom apartment. He was always wishy washy about that, not wanting to commit. There were some two bedrooms available at the time we first proposed this. Now that he finally agreed to the arrangement, there are none! And won't be any for at least sixty days.

He's stayed with his parents a bit but they don't won't him staying there either. I haven't the heart to kick him out, but I seriously can't handle much more of this. He could have had another apartment by now. He keeps talking about wanting to save up money. Well, what about us? Our bills have been higher since he moved in and he hasn't really helped. Doesn't it matter if we get to save money?

He's not my husband and he's not my child. I'm tired of this shit. I don't know what to do.

Oh yeah, and I asked him last night to start picking up after himself and he went off on me!!!!! Beggars really can't be choosy, but he sure as hell is.

I don't know what else to say or do. We aren't helping him in the long run. He has to get out on his own again. It's been a year and a half since he and his ex wife split. Time to move on.

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