Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day two

Day one of my trip ended with me drifting off into a peaceful sleep on the surprisingly comfortable twin bed in my cabin. We had an interior room, with no window, and the pitch black is very nice. The rocking of the sea beneath me lulls me to sleep.

I wake up early the next day - the ship is rocking so hard that I almost roll out of bed! My mom informs me that it had rained earlier and that the waves outside are white-capped. I walked up to the lido deck for a glance for myself. It was really beautiful, though. I didn't get sea sick. I never do, but walking inside with the ship rocking so much was disconcerting. Outside, it wasn't so bad. I think it was psychological, as in, I could SEE what was causing the swaying while I was outside.

After a leisurely breakfast on the deck, I did some more hot tubbing and lying in the sun. The wind was so strong it almost knocked me on my ass!! I went to the bow of the ship again and I had to cling to the rail to prevent losing my footing.

Later that day, I participated in a swing dance lesson on the lido, led by one of the ship's professional dancers. It was a lot of fun. I'd love to take more lessons.

That evening was the formal dinner night. I had purchased a tea length light green dress (only 40.00 at TJ Maxx!) and we went to see the on stage production, Ticket to Ride. For people that have never been on a cruise, Carnival puts on at least two Las Vegas or Broadway style shows per trip. This evening's performance was dedicated to the Beatles. My mom, the biggest Beatles fan ever in her youth, really loved the show, as did I. And guess who came out and performed at the end? The band from the lounge the night before!! An Asian Beatles, lol. It was great. Mom and I also had a dirty martini each (her first, my...not my first).

We next went to our formal dinner again. This time, I indulged in rare prime rib. It was amazing.

That evening, I watched The Music Highlights again. I shouted out a few requests (Beatles songs, of course).

All in all, a very fun day. I fell asleep with a sore throat from screaming like a Beatles fan from back in the day. But it was worth it.


RMarie7 said...

"my...not my first." lol!

Oh, man. I bet Beatles night was awesome. Very cool. I've never been on a cruise. i thought it was mostly DJs and bad lounge singing. This is much much better.

Glad you had a great time. Looking forward to next update.

gingergirl said...

Haha. Thanks. I'm glad someone enjoys reading my rants. I tried to comment on yours but couldn't figure out how. I'd click comment and nothing would happen.

Yeah, cruises have really come a long way.

RMarie7 said...

I love reading other people's thoughts and especially rants (heh). I haven't read any blogs in years, so its nice to start again with some cool people.
I changed some settings around, so maybe you can comment now. Hm. Not sure. Techonology sucks, the bastard.