Wednesday, December 16, 2009

weird ass dream

OK, so I had a bizarre, creepy dream last night. Not for the faint of heart:

I dream that I was pregnant. I was excited. I do want to have kids, just not at this very moment. But if it happens I think I would be pretty excited. So, that wasn't so weird.

Anyway, the pregnancy progressed really quickly and i remember touching my belly and being able to feel the arms and legs of the child jutting through. OK, kind of strange, but whatever.

Anyway, I dreamed that I was at someone's house. It was kind of dimly lit, with candles around. Anyway, I went into labor. The child got "stuck" trying to come out and I'm not sure what happened (an emergency cessarean?) but when the child finally came out (a boy).... he was like four years old!!!!!!!!!!!! Weird weird weird. Maybe I have been reading too much twilight. Anyway... I remember it being painful and scary obviously, but mostly being worried about the child (I can't very well call it a baby, now can I?)

Weird dream indeed. I have a lot of weird dreams. Maybe I shouldn't have had the cheese straws and Milwaukee's Best Ice tall boy right before bed...?

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