Monday, December 14, 2009

oh yeah

Today is OK, I guess. Just waiting for payday. Currently on lunch break and listening to Pandora. It's funny, because it's playing a lot of songs that I like, but I forgot existed. Gotta love the 90's. Dav is at home making his yummy chicken and dumplings. I can't wait to go home and enjoy dinner with him.

So when we get paid on Thursday, I have to start (and hopefully finish) my Christmas shopping. I have a couple of December birthdays too (Dorothy and my mom). Send out Christmas cards. Stand the tree back up from the thousandth time that the cats see fit to knock it over. Ah, the holidays.

I wish that we had a separate mailbox for the Christmas cards and letters and happy stuff. Magazines and the like. Separate from the nasty bills. Oh well.

Next month is my and Dav's SEVEN year wedding anniversary (January 17th). Damn, I feel old. I love him so much. I hope we can do something fun for our anniversary. Usually we go to New Orleans, Memphis, or the coast for the weekend. Last year, we spent the night in Vicksburg but that was still pretty cool because it was a jacuzzi room. Very nice indeed.

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