Monday, January 18, 2010

having a case of the Mondays

So this morning I actually got up early and with ample time to get ready and get gas on the way to work. I made myself a delicious sandwich with turkey and ham and imported cheese and put it in a bag with dayquil to take to work.
I took a shower which was completely tepid. Freezing actually. Maybe it's because the dishwasher was running.
Can't find my purple hoodie. Left my hairbrush behind too. Had to leave with cold, wet hair.
Got to work and my lunch has mysteriously disappeared. I bet i get home to find the cats have devoured it. I am so hungry, but I don't feel like wasting my last bit of gas to get something. Vending machine lunch, anyone?

I look like crap. I don't feel great either. Ughhhhhh..................just a lot of little annoyances today. Gah.

Oh yeah, and the agitator on my washing machine went out and it took about five hours to dry my clothes because they were dripping wet. I guess I am going to have to wring each item out before putting it in the dryer now. Not sure how much it will cost to fix. I will probably be better off getting a new washer, which by the way, we cannot afford. Oh well... it was fun while it lasted.

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