Saturday, January 9, 2010

Has some good things in the works

My and Dav's seventh wedding anniversary is next Sunday, January 17th. We found a super deal on a room at the Imperial Palace for Thursday night. We are taking a four day weekend. Happy happy joy joy!!! I need a vacation after all the overtime we've worked over the holidays. I'm so excited about our anniversary trip, even if it is for only one night *insert naughty thoughts here*. I really want to go to the Walter Anderson Museum of Art and wander down the beach. I highly recommend Walter Anderson's art. He had a really interesting life, and once bicycled from MS to NY, and he would paddle a boat out to the little islands off the coast and paint, even during hurricanes. A true artist, he was. I love love love love love the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I'd like to visit my grandma Nanny's grave too (it's just outside of Pascagoula.) My heart is just really down in that place, and I'd love to move there one day.

Also, I am getting ready for a cruise to Cozumel this April with my mom. We are booking it on Monday. We are going to visit some Mayan ruins and go snorkeling and even get to go up into a light house. I am soooo excited. There's nothing quite like cutting through the vast ocean waters on the bow of a ship, stout drink in hand, drinking in the beauty of God's creation.

Another great thing: I recently paid off a collection, and I checked my credit score and it has jumped 100 points overnight. It is now in the "fair" category, instead of "poor." I'm not holding my breath on this one, though. The credit industry is so fickle, it will probably be back in the trenches again next week. A girl can dream though, right?

The other day I started doing Pilates again, and now every muscle (and I do mean, EVERY MUSCLE) in my body is crying out for mercy now. Dav got us a Pilates for Indie Rockers DVD to do together, and it is pretty intense. It's cool though, because it's set to music that actually motivates me to exercise, and not some lame elevator music.

So far, 2010 has exceeded my expectations. *knocks on wood again*

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