Sunday, May 30, 2010

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

I just have to rant for a moment. Today has just been one of those days. It began as follows:

I woke up, seeing a missed call from Dav. Brian went to work and took my house key, so when I leave for work, I will not be able to lock the door. Luckily, Brian works walking distance from our place, so I only had to go down there and get it. He even bought me a Diet Pepsi, so no biggie.

Last Thursday, I called my clinic to get them to phone in a refill of my rx. They told me they did. The pharmacy opened at 10 AM (I had to be at work by 11, so I have to leave at 10:30). I called the pharmacy and they said they didn't get it. I called Walgreens in Pearl also. Nothing. I even called Wal-Mart. Nothing. Of course, it being a Sunday, the clinic was closed. I called the after hours number and they said they would have to have the nurse call me back (and the recording told me that I may be BILLED for this call-what???) Let me clarify that this medication has to be started today or it is completely useless for the next month (it's birth control). I have to have it today.

The nurse finally called me back and she told me she had to check my chart and call me back. After a morning of phone tagging, I finally got it filled at the Walgreens by my work. So I'll just go on my lunch break.

I look in my wallet for my debit card. Lo and behold, I left it at home!!!! I'm making plans to just take a long lunch and drive all the way back to Brandon to get my debit card, and then come back up here to work. I am about to be out the door when I realize, tomorrow is a holiday. I don't have to come in but I get paid. But, if I leave early today, or take any unexcused time off, I will NOT get paid for tomorrow and my check will be eight hours short. Arrrghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What else is going to happen today?????

So i'm going on my lunch break. Luckily, I can pay for my rx with a check. I hope I don't run out of gas (the gas stations don't take checks). I would just get Dav to pick it up for me, but he has to work until 4, and he doesn't have anyone to cover for him. Dorothy is meeting me over lunch and said she'd loan me a few bucks if I needed it.

Thank goodness for good friends.

*end of rant*

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