Thursday, July 7, 2011

improvements and modifications

Things are looking up. Though my back is still hurting me as I type, there's hope. My new internist at my mother in law's clinic prescribed me some tramadol for the pain (which does little more than make me nauseous) and also referred me to a pain management clinic. They have been giving me trigger point steroid injections. I've had two sessions. They sedate me with Versed (I don't fall completely asleep-I just don't care). I lie on my stomach on a table and they give me shots of steroids in my back. The first treatment made me feel like I'd been hit by a truck for about 24 hours. I'm not allowed to drive the day of the treatment, so I take the day off work and sleep. The next day, I feel brilliant and 100% pain free. The first one gave me relief for about a month. The second one only lasted about two weeks. They (surprise) xrayed my spine and found a bracket that my surgeon had missed. This may mean a third surgery for me. I'm rolling with the punches. They said that they may also try some sort of patches. Not sure yet.

I quit taking my antidepressants and I feel like a human being again. My shrink is no longer in network, so I can't see him anymore. I had to give up my Xanax and I went through mild withdrawals. I regret to say that, due largely to work stress and family drama, I've started smoking again. Only about two or three cigs a day though. I'll quit soon.

Good things have happened. Dav got a huge promotion at work. He is now a manager. We are making huge strides financially. He is about to have his truck paid off. Our apartment lease expires next May. I also turn 30 next year. I'd really love a house for my birthday :-) We've been looking at real estate and things are looking good. The only concern is the down payment. Something will happen. I want to own a place of our own, and one day have children. John Randal and Mary Margaret :-) Thoughts like this make me smile.

Well, I'm about to eat this Marie Calendar pasta medley and call it a night. Au revoir for now.

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