Monday, November 9, 2009

Can things be looking up for ol' Ash?????

So I had my court date today. I had to be at the justice court at 8:30. I proudly pled "not guilty" at my arraigment in September and today it was show time. I got there at around 8:15, and my attorney had not yet shown up. 8:40 rolls around before he gets there. He walks up to the prosecutor, speaks briefly, and speaks to the judge as well. Then he gestures for me to meet him outside the courtroom. Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only did the prosecutor agree to drop the charges due to a lack of evidence (for those of you playing along at home, I was arrested for DUI - other substance *narcotic pain pill that I was prescribed*), but the cop that arrested me didn't even show up!!! hahahaha. So they would have dropped the charges anyway. I'm willing to bet the cop thought I would get scared out of my wits and plead guilty and pay the fine and have my license revoked. But you don't back a McKellar into a corner unless you want her to come out fighting like a wildcat. He didn't even have the nerve to show up. That's what gets me....

Anyway, I am now at a point where I wish to put this nightmarish ordeal behind me. Things may possibly be looking up for me at this point. I am paying off a credit card next week (one I've had for six years now).

I don't want to jinx myself here. I'm almost kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Is that an awful way to live, or what???

Oh.... and the attorney that represented me, a friend of my mom's boss... pro bono. :0)

Someone is getting a Honey Baked ham soon. I know it's not much, but I can't think of what else to do.

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