Monday, February 22, 2010

There's no place like home....usually.

I've been thinking about the many places that Dav and I have lived in since we married seven years ago. We have lived in seven... yes seven different places. Each home obviously had a distinct feel, but sometimes, it almost gets to a ... spiritual level. Like one of the homes I lived in was just really spiritually off (I promise I am not on drugs :0) ) I've talked to other people that have been in these places and that is the general consensus. I'm going to do multiple entries about each experience.
Here goes:

In 2003, when we got married, we moved into a tiny duplex that was probably 500 sf or less in Belhaven heights. Picture a studio apartment but with walls. You entered through one door, then a second one, into the living room. There was a kitchenette (it's so small, that's the best way to describe it), and a small bathroom. The floor is uneven in places because the house was built in the thirties, but hey, the price was right (325.00/month). The bedroom was smallish too and led to a back step into a backyard.

This house was cozy, needless to say. I didn't get any strange feelings there. There was a funny incident once where Dav and I got into an argument and I slammed the bedroom door out of anger and it got jammed. Dav and I spent a good while with a screw driver taking the knob apart. I still think this was God's way of showing us how to work as a team. It did work. Once I was free, the argument was forgotten.

OK... we spent one year in this tiny, tiny little place. I totally dug the neighborhood and the vibe, but let's face it... the house sucked. I do sometimes miss the warm feel of the gas space heaters in the winter though. Next entry... our 2004 home :0) Au revoir for now... back to work.

Stay tuned. I promise this gets more interesting....

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