Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Welcome to what is probably my fourth concurrent blog. You can also check me out at myspace, xanga, and livejournal. What can I say? I like to blog. I started blogging before it was "cool." (circa 2000). anyway, currently I'm on break at my job. i sit in a cubicle all day and handle cell phone activations/porting/technical issues. Yeah whatever. Like anyone cares.

Today is the first day of October and the first day it was cool enough for me to wear long sleeves. I'm now regretting the decision because my usually frigid office is stuffy today. Figures.... oh well. They say it will be back in the 80's next week. Such is the weather of Mississippi. Last year we didn't get our first cold snap until Thanksgiving.

Today is also the eleven year anniversary of the school shooting at my high school. A girl in my geometry class was killed. I cannot believe that it has been that long ago. The perpetrator is now serving three life sentences, and he is only in his mid 20's now.

Anyway, there's something therapeutic about telling all this stuff to complete strangers (if anyone even stumbles upon this).

Anyway... feel free to check back on me at anytime. Hope to meet some new friends hear.

Au revoir for now....


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